Welcome to the website about kayaks and kayaking. Even as little as a hundred years ago, kayaking was considered to be an exotic hobby for the lovers of the wilderness.

In the late 19th century, George Sears started writing stories about exploring Adirondacks on a canoe. He quickly became of the most popular writers covering topics about outdoor explorations and travel.

Across the Atlantic Ocean at around the same time, John MacGregor created a sailing canoe by introducing changes to a kayak design. He was also writing about his adventures and became popular in both the UK and the United States.

By the 1930s kayak enthusiasts have paddled most of the rivers in the United States and Europe.

The next major event in the history of kayaking has occurred in the 1950s. That’s when the first kayaks with fibreglass hulls were introduced. This created a whole new market of affordable boats. At the same time, the kayaks were stronger, lighter and more durable than before.

Next, even more materials and fabrics were added to the mix, allowing designers and engineers to create new variations of the boats.

One of the very interesting things about kayaking is that it was never gender-specific. Men and women were going on kayaking expeditions together and enjoying the time on the water everywhere from Hawaii to Alaska.

The price of the boats continues to go down to this day. Today you can buy a good kayak for the price of a mid-range bicycle, which makes kayaking even more affordable and alluring.

On this website, you will find plenty of information about this sport, from kayaking in different weather to equipping a boat to choosing a kayaking tour company.