Building Materials for Kayaks

It is very likely that first kayaks were made of wood by our ancestors that were moving around because they were searching for food.

Despite that fact that today there are many more materials available, modern kayaks strongly resemble the machines that were in use centuries ago.

Most kayaks today are created from one of the following materials or a mix of the following materials: plastics, composites, wood and fabric.

If you are wondering which material is best, you should know that there is no answer to this question. Every material has its pros and cons. Then there are factors that come into consideration such as strength, weight and cost.

When you are buying or renting a kayak, it is important to remember that you are not buying or renting materials. You are getting a boat. You want a kayak that fits you and your needs and wants.

Researchers think that the first kayak was made out of a frame and fabric. Many modern kayakers believe that no combination of materials or ideas can surpass the original.

Many kayak designs have wooden frames with fittings that hold all the parts together. Some boats have components made out of aluminium while others use plastic parts.

Some kayakers prefer aluminium because they believe that it requires less maintenance. Those who like wooden frames stick with wood because wood is simpler to repair than metal.

One of the biggest differences of frame-and-fabric kayaks from other types of kayaks is that frame-and-fabric boats can be easily assembled and disassembled. The skin can be quickly removed and the kayak frame will fit into the corner of a closet. Other kayaks may have rigid frames that will not disassemble.

In addition to the type and materials, you want to pay attention to the layout of the kayak you get. Some boats have individual cockpits while others would have one cockpit for two or three paddlers.

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