Kayaking in Various Weather Conditions

Generally speaking, there are no hard limits for weather when it comes to kayaking. In the last several decades, technology, research and development, seem to be pushing the limits further and further away because of better materials, better equipment, and better skills that many kayakers learn to acquire.

If you feel like you have a lot of experience and want to try pushing your limits, don’t do it by going kayaking with those who have less experience than you do. This is a recipe for trouble. If you are going kayaking with a group of people, your common denominator is the person who is the least skilled, not the one with most skills.

If you are not sure about weather conditions, usually the best solution is to paddle out and check it for yourself, unless the winds are really strong. This solution applies if you have a lot of experience and are kayaking by yourself. If you have a group of people and you are a leader, it is better to stay out and wait if you have any doubts about the skills of your teammates.

If you do have doubts, those who have fewer skills than you, probably feel even more anxious, and the overall lack of confidence and anxiety can spread to the whole group and make you vulnerable on the water.

If you kayak on a regular basis, part of your trip planning should be learning about your local weather patterns, especially the wind. Owners of big boats typically know nothing about how kayaks behave in the water, but they may be helpful to you when it comes to tips about the weather. They would probably be able to share the warning signs such as mists, wind gusts and other negative factors. Their descriptions of the local weather are most likely going to be more informative and vivid than official forecasts.

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