The Importance of Kayak Seats

Essentially, a kayak is a tube with narrowing ends and sitting room for a paddler.

When you buy or rent a kayak, you can keep things simple, or you can add a number of accessories to your boat. Accessories are not limited to just high-tech gadgets. The first accessory you think about when you buy a kayak, is not a GPS unit, or some fancy technology device. The first and most important accessory is your seat. The reason for it is simple: if you are uncomfortable when paddling your kayak, other accessories won’t really matter.

A seat is a structure that provides the bones of your body with a degree of comfort, and gives your back just the right amount of support, while letting your body create energy to power the boat.

Many models of kayaks have moulded seats with foam supports on each side. Some kayak seats come with lumbar support, which in kayaks is typically limited to an adjustable strap. Some adjustable kayak seats have curved back panels with a control that lets you vary the amount of back support you get.

There are two types of such seats. With the first one, the frame is suspended. The second one has a seat that is supported by the bottom of the hull. Obviously, the seats that are non-adjustable and attached to the hull of a kayak, are the most uncomfortable. Some kayaks don’t have any kind of back support. The idea is that the paddler would place gear right behind his or her back and get back support that way.

When it comes to fit, you should also pay attention to the front of the seat. If the front presses into the back of your thighs when you are just trying out a kayak, you will be really uncomfortable when paddling it.

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